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that brought down a presidency. amazon founder jeff bezos is to buy the washington post. >> a big anniversary on mars. the one-year anniversary of the curiosity rover on the surface of the red planet. >> thanks for joining us. a court in hungary has convicted for right-wing extremist for murders in 2008 and 2009. three received life sentences and a fourth man got a 14-year sentence. >> hon. officials have been accused of moving slowly to investigate the crimes -- hungarian officials have been accused of moving slowly. >> hostility toward minorities has grown in hungary in recent years. a far-right party has become the third largest in parliament. >> the men shot dead one victim was she was sleeping. they also set a house on the buyer. and those inside tried to escape, they shot dead a child and his father. >> the accused are guilty as charged. they are sentenced to life in prison without parole. >> she is the mother of the man killed while fleeing his burning home. she says authorities botched investigations. >> there are many strange things about this case. the problem is that little things
to washington. >> caught in someone else's war -- how the conflict in syria is taking its toll on the country's children. >> and bundesliga is back. bayern kick off the german soccer season. there is a chill in the air and it has people reminiscing about the cold war. >> foreign ministers from the united states and russia met in washington. their mission -- to bridge the differences that have stopped talks between their bosses. >> u.s. president barack obama canceled plans to meet russian president putin next month. >> what sounded like a slap at obama, the russian prime minister told reporters it is time for the u.s. and russia to work together as grown-ups. >> he came to washington with a long list of issues. up for discussion, afghanistan, iran, and north korea, arms control, and human rights. both sides were ready for open and frank talks, but on this day, one issue overshadowed all the rest. >> it's no secret that we have experienced some challenging moments. obviously not just over the snowden case. we will discuss these differences today for certain, but this meeting remains important
intervention, saying it would create a ball of fire that would engulf the region. but washington is not ruling out out. chuckisit to malaysia, hagel says the u.s. is ready for all eventualities. >> the president has asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingencies. we have done that. to again, we are prepared exercise whatever options if he decides to employ one of those options. >> western leaders are increasingly convinced chemical weapons were used in an attack on damascus. a report by doctors without borders says 3600 were admitted to hospital suffering neurotoxic symptoms. of those, 355 have died. the attack has strong condemnation from around the world. were used, itapon is unthinkable the international community would not react strongly. syrian government accuses rebel forces of using chemical weapons. state media show these images of chemicals it said were discovered in a tunnel used by rebels. the items may be shown as evidence. for more, we go to our washington correspondent. >> washington officials are saying there is little doubt that the syrian government used
washington and moscow. the u.s. president said he would the attending the g between -- the g 20 summit in saint readers for as planned. -- st. petersburg as planned. this retaliation from washington was expected, so obama's cancellation does not come as a big surprise, does it? >> no, it was not a surprise. it was more that the obama administration has done everything in their power to prevent russia from giving asylum to snowden. obama personally called to discuss this issue. but potent regards him -- clinton regatta missile the president and that is why -- putin regards obama as a weak president and that is why he wants to send the signal. >> just how damaging is this snowden situation for these two world powers? >> well, the snowden issue places a burden on the relationship between the u.s. and russia. they both know they depend on each other when it comes to arms control or the situation in syria. the two governments will continue to work together. stopping the meeting on friday -- the secretary of state john kerry and chuck hagel will come together with their russian counterparts
's go now live to washington and our correspondent, max huffman. max,-on-made very clear that he wants to act, but he also wants congressional approval. how will he go about getting that, president obama? >> he's already started lobbying lawmakers. he started with his administration on thursday, last thursday through a briefing. there have been briefings since, there have been conferences. there are going to be more conferences and briefings on saturday. on sunday there will be the first classified briefing at congress for members of the house. all earlier briefings were by a telephone. and now he's going to have the first classified briefing. now we know why obama and his administration were seeking -- were aggressively pursuing convincing members of congress, convincing lawmakers -- that was kind of puzzling why they suddenly started doing that. that's because the president will seek congressional approval. >> max, how likely is congress to give president obama the approval he's looking for? >> that's completely up in the air. as you know, congress is made up of two chambers, and esp
to remove us. >> allies growing increasingly concerned about the recent escalation in violence. washington is urging calm. invitation an open for all political forces to participate in implementing that road map. implementation of the roadmap .nd participation while open, it requires that all parties renounce violence. >> supporters of mohamed morsi said the military must sit down before any political negotiations can take place. al qaeda posted a video message friday urging egyptian protesters to turn their backs on democracy. a radical leaders said that morsi's ouster is a proof that democracy does not work and urged the muslims in egypt to rise up in jihad against western influence. morsi's muslim brotherhood party planned more massive protests for sunday. the united states issued a worldwide travel alert warning its citizens that the al qaeda network may be planning attacks. dozens of u.s. consulates like this one will stay closed this weekend because of the increased threat. the state department says the middle east and north africa are most at risk. britain and germany have announced
scientist in washington. what do we know about why these warnings have been issued now? >> there have been reports of an intercept from al qaeda in the arabian then select against enemies and-- u.s. targets in the middle east. there is also concern because this may be related to the drone attacks and prison breakouts in pakistan and baghdad and libya. they doas concern that not alert the public and its allies and something happens then this would have serious consequences down the road for the national security and intelligence agencies. >> there have been suggestions that it is suspiciously convenient that this warning comes now when the u.s. is under such pressure to justify the spying allegations made in recent weeks. what do you make of that? >> critics have raised this issue, that it may be a bit convenient and there may be an attempt to divert attention from the criticism that has been leveled against the national security agency and the administration. u.s.e same time, if the and intelligence agencies face some serious threats or if an incident takes place and they failed to alert t
attack have left the country. washington says it has evidence that the syrian regime was behind the attack. russia had lashed out at washington's plans, and demands that give the u.s. -- the u.s. present its evidence to the u.n. >> the u.n. experts have left syria after completing investigations. the samples they took will be tested in different laboratories. it could take up to two weeks before the results are known. but the united states is unlikely to wait that long. on friday, secretary of state john kerry said that the u.s. had clear evidence that bashar al-assad's regime was responsible for a poison gas on august 21.a he says u.s. intelligence services knew that the missiles used in the attack were in the arsenal of the assad regime, and u.s. troops had been warned to take precautions against a chemical attack. kerry appealed for support from the american public. fatigue does not absolve us of our responsibility. just longing for peace does not necessarily bring it about. history would judge us all, extraordinarily harshly, if we turn a blind eye to a dictator's wanton use
that "the washington post," the paper of record in the u.s. capital, had been sold. the gramm family is quitting the publishing business, ending ownership of the paper that brought down a president, richard nixon, in the watergate scandal. the new owner is the billionaire founder of amazon. he paid $250 million for the paper, which has steadily lost money and readers in recent years. >> we knew that he could keep it alive. we knew that it could survive. we went to see if we could find a buyer. >> he said he did not want to interfere with how it operated. he said that he vowed to continue the commitment to quality journalism, writing that the values do not need changing and that the duty of the paper will remain to its readers and not the private interests of owners. of 300ay's sentencing military officers, academics, and prominent nationalists for planning a coup against prime minister drew considerable doention in order one -- or one -- urgeduwan this week. this is not acceptable. if you are trying someone who has been the commander of the turkish armed forces, it means your targeti
by the nsa. >> today, the man who oversees intelligence in angela merkel's government says washington offered this deal to try to allay german peoples fears that their text and phone calls are being spied spied on by foreign agency. he appeared for the second time in front of a lawmakers committee. >> it has been dominating the headlines just six weeks before national elections in germany. now the government is hoping this new pledge will neutralize the issue. >> the government's chief of staff was grilled for six hours on the nation -- on the nature of german collaborators with foreign intelligence agencies. he has been assured that neither the u.s. or britain rope protection laws. >> according to the nsa and british intelligence agencies, german laws have been observed. the rights of our citizens in germany are being safeguarded. >> he says the nsa and british intelligence agencies ensured him in writing that their activities had not been a regular trade in the wake of the spying program revealed by edward snowden, many remain skeptical, none more so than germany's opposition. >> there is n
sank about one kilometer from sure. >> a report in the "washington post" newspaper says america's nsa intelligence agency has broken privacy laws and overstepped its legal authority thousands of times, citing documents leaked by edward snowden. the paper says most of the infringements involved unauthorized surveillance of americans and foreigners in the united states. >> a controversial french lawyer often nicknamed devils advocate has died at the age of 88. he defended some of the 20th century's most notorious criminals, including a former captain of the nazi secret police and ex-yugoslav leader. well, ecuador has just scrapped a huge conservation plan. it was an ambitious one that had been designed to stop oil drilling in parts of the national park in the amazon rain forest. >> nor's president decided to raise funds for one of the most bio diverse areas in the world. >> however, he says only a tiny fraction of the money trickled in. he has ditched the plan and is opening up the basin to oil drilling instead. >> ecuador's national park is a largely untouched national wonder. the rain
. celebrations to mark the occasion have begun in washington, d.c. day have a dream that one this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. we hold these truths to be self- evident, that all men are created equal. nearly 50 years after martin luther king's momentous speech in the capital, americans of every creed and capital turned out to retrace the civil rights leader's steps. theing's oldest son said, journey is not complete. this event is more than a tribute to organizers hope to emphasize what they view as the civil rights issues of today -- voting rights, unequal employment opportunity, student debt, and government spending. >> we need to revive the war on poverty. we need to engage on student loan debt and some plan for urban reconstruction. damaging's speech to major milestone in -- >> king's speech marked a major milestone in civil rights history. >> sisters and brothers -- this edition.from for more news and headlines, visit our website, from all of us in berlin, thanks for watching. >> he has to take every new shirt to the tailor shop to shorten th
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12